MDM uses an integrative team model to provide you with neutral, professional legal, financial, and communication support and assistance to achieve mediated respectful agreements. You don’t have to hire individual professionals, saving you time, money and emotional energy. You work with the team to construct your own agreements. Our team covers all three bases while working toward “Respectfully Redefining Relationships.”


The no-cost “do-it-yourself” divorce option has the potential for costly emotional, legal, and financial errors. With the high-cost litigation option, it is not unusual to see couples paying in excess of $25,000 and taking a year and upward to complete. MDM is a low-cost assisted value-added Pro se model. The majority of MDM clients use the flat fee model, which provides the peace of mind in knowing exactly how much the divorce will cost. Others choose to use the hourly rate model.  Some other mediators will offer a “flat fee” but are reluctant to hold to that cost if additional time and meetings are needed to resolve the inevitable disputes that arise during the process.  At our initial meeting, the professional team will discuss the pros and cons of each model so you may make the best choice for your unique case.


We will assist you through the divorce process quickly but thoroughly. MDM hopes to help you finalize your divorce within the statutory four month waiting period. However, because our work product is the foundation of perhaps one of the most important documents of your lives, we will not subordinate our efforts to the time clock. Our flat fee ensures that you can meet with us without worrying about the fee clock ticking away to finalize your divorce.



We are committed to neutrality throughout the mediation. We will not take sides nor are we judgmental or gender biased. We are forward looking, not backward, focusing on redefining your relationship based on your family’s healthy, mutual goals, with close attention paid to the emotional welfare of the children.


We recognize that being expeditious and proactive throughout the process will make happier clients. Our fee structure incentivizes all sides of the mediation to be timely, efficient, and proactive.

Why not MDM?

Clients seeking revenge or punishment or those attempting to exact financial pain in order to maximize financial gain may not be good candidates for our integrative team model. We know that such strategies and tactics impede problem resolution through compromise. A sense of fairness tends to be subordinated to the anger and pain that brought you into the divorce process. While we thoroughly understand these emotions, our neutral stance precludes us from looking at “right” or “wrong” or being judgmental. We are here to help you construct mutually acceptable agreements.