The Team

2LEGAL PROFESSIONAL and LEAD MEDIATOR: a trained mediator and experienced licensed family law attorney will address the legal questions you have by providing relevant information and assistance.  The legal professional will summarize the agreements you reach in a Mediated Agreement and, if you have minor children, in a Parenting Plan.  The legal professional will also help by guiding you to obtain all information and links to all necessary court documents to prepare and process your final agreements with the court system.

FINANCIAL DIVORCE PROFESSIONAL: a trained mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst will gather all relevant financial data to ascertain first, what you own and what you owe, then, what you earn and what you spend. We will work together to help you verbalize what you want and need going forward as you customize your estate dissolution. We will provide you with different approaches so that you can choose the best outcome for your new lives. All analyses will include tax considerations. However, any divorce or legal separation action may have tax ramifications. Therefore, in order to avoid unintended consequences, you may wish to seek individual professional advice.

COMMUNICATION PROFESSIONAL: a trained and experienced licensed Marriage and Family Therapist will provide emotional support within a safe environment so that both voices are heard while respectfully discussing your wants and needs going forward. When “hot buttons” are inevitably pressed causing anger, sadness, guilt, among others, the efficacy of the process can be derailed. Problem resolution either comes to a grinding halt, or worse, decisions are potentially made from emotions and acquiescence, not data driven logic.

The process is not marriage counseling, rather problem solving on your way to finding mutually acceptable solutions. The communications coach will ensure that dialogue is respectful and productive.