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Kids Don't Get Divorced

Kids Don’t Get Divorced

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Co-parenting after divorce

2 Houses:  Tools for Co Parenting

Divorce Mediation


Parenting After Divorce – Summarizes a book that focuses on how to move beyond a hostile or conflicted relationship so that your children can benefit from ex-spouses parenting cooperatively and accepting that they have different parenting styles. (Phillip M. Stahl, Ph.D.)

Non-Residential Parenting After Divorce – Focuses on guidelines for the parent who does not have custody or who lives a long distance away, and can’t be involved with the children on an everyday basis. (MontanaStateUniversity)

Helping Children Understand Divorce – Provides guidelines for talking with children with details on how children of different age groups understand and adjust to their parents’ divorce. (University of Missouri)

Children and Divorce – A brief summary of how children react to divorce and how to help them adjust.  This is one in a series called “Facts for Families” with links to related articles. (AmericanAcademy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Children and Divorce – Has a list of over 30 articles that center around aspects of co-parenting, including how children of different ages adjust to their parents divorcing.  Some of these materials are sources for this article and are referenced separately. (Auburn University, Alabama)

Marriage and Family Counseling

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst


Child Custody:  In whose best Interest (PDF)
10 Detrimental Misconceptions of what really Happens